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House rules and duties

When living in the boarding school, there are several house rules and duties that must be complied with. We have these in place to make sure that we alle show consideration of one another.


The social community of the boarding school requires everyone to be considerate, thoughtful and civilised. Thus, boarders are expected to behave properly:

  • Towards peers and teachers
  • Towards the buildings and facilities of the boarding school
  • During other boarding school activities

Civilised conduct also means that the different rules and the instructions from the staff must be followed with no exception, and that you must carry out your duties at the boarding school.

Before you move into the boarding school, you and your parents must sign a declaration stating that you have read and understood the rules of the boarding school. You will find the rules here.

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During your time in the boarding school, you have several duties:

  • Kitchen duty - here it is your responsibility to make sure that the kitchen is clean and tidy. 
  • Canteen duty - here you assist the boarding school canteen with getting ready and tidying up after dinner. 
  • Cleaning duty - here you clean the hall twice a week when you are on duty.