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Apply to stay in the boarding school

Please be note that admissions take place on an ongoing basis and therefore it is advisable to apply well in advance to increase the chances of being admitted to the boarding school.

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Indicative estimate 2021

PLEASE NOTE: If the parents have a total income of DKK 600,000 or more after deductions for children living at home under the age of 18, the maximum residence fee of DKK 3,697 (2021) shall be paid. The price for a room in the new building from 2016 costs DKK 600 more. If the parents are divorced, the residence feeis calculated based on the parent with whom the student lives. Students who are or turn 18 in the school year shall pay the maximum residence fee from the end of the quarter in which the student turns 18. The residence fee must be paid every month, however not in July. Upon admission to the boarding school, a registration fee of DKK 2000 will be charged. The student is not admitted until the amount has been paid. The registration fee is not refunded upon cancellation. In the event of non-payment of residence fee, you may be expelled from the boarding school. 

You must use figures from the 2019 income statement.

Personal income:
Positive net capital income:
Income from shares:
Father/legal guardian 1  
Personal income:
Positive net capital income:
Income from shares:
Mother/legal guardian 2  
Personal income:
Positive net capital income:
Income from shares:
Number of siblings below the age of 18, living at home:
Income on which payment is based: 0
Deduction for siblings living at home: 0
Adjusted income on which payment is based: 0
Monthly payment for the boarding school:: 1730


Application forms for the school year of 2022-23 will be ready at the homepage from October 21. Please contact IB coordinator Mads Fedder Henriksen at if you are interested in the IB or PreIB programme.